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All services are virtual at this time.
Plant Nursery

Free Discovery Call

If you're new here, this is where you'll start.

We'll meet over the phone to discuss your current concerns and determine if we'd be a good fit. If you are seeking support with your eating disorder recovery, this call will help determine if outpatient care is appropriate for where you are on your journey.

Please reach out via my Contact page if you'd like to chat about services or you can go ahead a book a Discovery Call here:

Initial Assessment

60-75 minutes, $150

We will spend the initial session getting to know each other & exploring your unique relationship with food, body & movement. With your permission, this is where I'll gather information on your health history and ongoing concerns. We will look at short & long term goals and establish a shared understanding of what you're hoping to gain from our work together. 


If needed, a meal plan will help provide structure as you work towards a more intuitive relationship with eating.

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Follow Up Sessions

~50 minutes, $115

In follow up sessions, we'll really dig into your process. We'll explore how you're nourishing your body & mind. We'll also work together to explore body image, food rules, food judgements & will work on permission & flexibility with eating.

We'll look at the messages you've internalized about food & your body and we'll work on unlearning those. 


You'll set intentions each week to work on, and I will support you as you ride the waves that are inevitable when recovering from chronic dieting, disordered eating and/or eating disorders.

Speaking/Educational Services

Do you know of a group of people that could benefit from learning more about eating disorders, eating disorder prevention, intuitive eating, weight science & weight stigma, body image, making peace with food, or all of the above? I love to teach & spread the anti-diet message, and it would be my honor to spend time sharing what I'm passionate about with you. 
Groups that may benefit from learning more about these topics include:
- Teachers, students & parents
- Healthcare providers in training
- Currently practicing healthcare providers
- Community support groups

Organizations I've worked with:

Unfortunately, Michigan insurance companies do not accept private practice dietitians in-network, therefore we cannot bill health insurance directly.
We accept HSA or FSA payments and can provide a superbill to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement for nutrition services. 
We recommend calling your insurance company to get more information on your out of network benefits.
Some questions you can ask your insurance rep:
1. Does my plan reimburse outpatient nutrition services? (CPT Codes 97802 & 97803)
  • If yes, how many visits are covered and do the visits need to be medically necessary?
2. Do I need a physician referral?​
3. Do I have a deductible that I need to meet? How much?
4. What codes or diagnoses are eligible for reimbursement?
  • Common diagnoses include: Z71.3, F50.89, F50.00
Payment can be accepted via Practice Better (Square).
We also offer a limited number of sliding scale slots for those with limited resources.

Good Faith Estimates

A Good Faith Estimate can be provided at your request.
Click on the link below to see an example of what this looks like.
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