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Health At Every Size (R) (HAES) is a framework that has been described in detail by The Association of Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH). 

The principles of HAES include:

1. Weight Inclusivity

2. Health Enhancement

3. Respectful Care

4. Eating for Well-Being

5. Life Enhancing Movement

Check out the HAES (R) Provider Directory!

The HAES (R) Principles center the fact that YOU are the expert of your own body. This fact, along with the HAES (R) teachings heavily inform my practice.


Support Groups

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A non-exhaustive list of books to integrate into your recovery. 

I've highlighted authors who hold varying identities and who have all made significant contributions to the eating disorder field. 

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Plus Size Models

Recovery Instagram Accounts

Linked Here.

Updated frequently & I'm always taking recommendations for accounts I should be adding. Shoot me a message if I've missed someone!

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Recipe Indexes, Recovery Anecdotes, etc.

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